Controlled Environment Agriculture

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Established in the year 2015 as a Japan India Technology and Innovation joint venture company with main focus on technology solutions for manufacturing, renewables, e-mobility, controlled environment agriculture and fitness induced gaming for the modern work environment.



JI-Technovation brings in the latest in lean manufacturing coupled with robotics and automation with emphasis on industrial IOT.

Our services are spread across the domains of manufacturing, agriculture, renewable energy and electric vehicles. Our clients include the top notch O&M’s and Tier 1 manufacturers.


One of the greatest environmental challenges the world faces today lies in mobility and to mitigate the detrimental effects caused by it, e-mobility is the primary solution.

JI-Technovation brings in expertise of manufacturing systems, production engineering. JI-Technovation endeavours to help achieve responsible production, e-mobility towards advancing the sustainable development goals.


We believe in the importance of fresh and nutritious lifestyle with innovative technologies and by using practices that pave a way to sustainable living.

A large variety of green leafy vegetables are being grown to provide a year-round yield where few of them are seasonal otherwise. The vegetables thus grown also contribute towards a green living as the quantity of water is only 5% of the water used otherwise in conventional farming and the wastage from produce to the table is as less as 2%. No pesticides and chemicals are used, and the vegetables can be directly consumed without any need for washing them.


Launched in 2019 for the first time after the debut in Japan, PlayPortZ is a perfect amalgamation of fun, fitness and entertainment through gaming with no age constraints. Facilitating the concept of gadget-free gaming, PlayPortZ will leave an indelible impression on everyone. Aimed at improving work place cohesion, it is the numero uno choice for entertainment and recreation at work.

PlayPortZ is equipped with novel technology and the expertise of the Japanese, who are the pioneers in this field, it is in a class by itself redefining the era of gaming and entertainment with the supreme motto “LIVE THE GAME”.

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